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Macho Sentimental Necklace
Macho Sentimental Necklace

Macho Sentimental Necklace

Sánchez Kane creates a visual universe twisting Mexican traditions to portray a new perception of beauty, THE MACHO SENTIMENTAL, a human of any gender that is no longer denying their impulses.

Sánchez Kane diverts our gaze towards a visual universe that is homeland of those individual categories society had thought to understand and dismiss: fear, ugliness, wilderness, brutality, bisexuality, the broken mulatto and miscegenation.

Sánchez Kane has turned these categories into ambassadors of a nation that belongs not to the beautiful but to the brave and achingly sensitive.

*Available 24k Gold plated upon request*

925 Sterling Silver
Handmade in Mexico City

Length: 45 cm / 17.70 inch


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