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Aro Earring - Sterling Silver

Regular price $180.00

Color Sterling Silver 14k Gold 14k White Gold

The Aro Earring plays tricks on the eye using volume and shape: From the side this small solid sterling silver earring looks as though it's been vertically cut, however, from the front it has an elegant curve form. Using a split system pressure closure, this hoop will stay on your ear for as long as you want it to, come swim, surf, or shower!

Each Aro Earring take between 8 to 10 hours to create and goes through over 11 phases of finishing by Mexico's finest jewellery makers.

*Sold as a single earring*

.925 Sterling Silver
Handmade in Mexico City

Weight: 1.1 Grams 
Width: 2.45 mm 0.096"

If your item is in stock it will ship within 3 working days. Made to order pieces take 3-4 weeks. Please contact us for more information.

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