Mini Infinity Necklace

$ 13,500.00 MXN

The Mini Infinity Necklace is a sterling silver mini hollow ball and chain necklace with 5 hand carved clear quartz spheres and a solid silver front piece. It’s the smaller version of our Infinity Necklace.

Crystal quartz, which name crystal comes from the Greek for “ice”, as it was believed that it was eternally frozen.

Made with 100% sterling silver and crystal quartz.
Handmade in Mexico City.

In a daring act of creative retrospection, VARON embarks on a journey to REWIND its own narrative.
With a nod to our iconic heritage, RWND breathes new life into classic designs, summoning forth the timeless allure that has defined our brand.

RWND to Redefine.

.925 Sterling Silver
Clear Quartz
Handmade in Mexico City

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