Special Pieces

Upon request, the artist creates for his clients customized pieces that ordain and memorize particularly-meaningful life moments, as well as personal sentiments that one would like to retain in whatever current realities of tomorrow and today.

Believing in a close collaboration with the client, the artist designs unique creations of jewelry that adapt to individual desires of taste without abandoning Varon’s individual sense for aesthetics. A real piece jewely takes time and patience. Just like it takes craftsmanship and subtlety. It’s looks great, yes, but let’s not forget it came here for the sake of meaning, and just its meaning.

Gabriel Orozco Ring

Hand engraved geometric pattern on theinside.

Gabriel is one of the most representative artist in the contemporary landscape, with his asociations with comon objets and irregular materials this set of 5 Rings represents a simbolic research to an every day object.    

Photo. Oaxaca Mexico  
Imagery of the sample process

Inspired by the meaning & shape of classic signet rings.  

Samurai Tree.

Geometric Abstraction and circular patters construe his simbolic identification

Meteorite Ring

Made of raw materials this meteorite ring shows a non classic way to propose to your beloved. We tried to work around the metorite with an organic feeling of design, so it feels like gold its embracing the rock.