Collaborations + Special Pieces



Sánchez Kane diverts our gaze towards a visual universe that is homeland of those individual categories society had thought to understand and dismiss: fear, ugliness, wilderness, brutality, bisexuality, the broken mulatto and miscegenation.


These pieces are part of an ongoing collaboration with friend and designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane

Gabriel Orozco Ring


Hand engraved geometric pattern on the inside.

Inspired by the meaning & shape of classic signet rings.  

Gabriel is one of the most representative artists in the contemporary landscape. With his associations with common objets and irregular materials this set of 5 rings represents a symbolic analysis into an every day object.    

Samurai Tree.

Geometric Abstraction and circular patters construe his simbolic identification

Photo. Oaxaca Mexico  
Imagery of the sample process

Special Pieces

Upon request, the artist creates for his clients customized pieces that ordain
and memorize particularly-meaningful life moments, as well as personal
sentiments that one would like to retain in whatever current realities of tomorrow and today.

Believing in a close collaboration with the client, the artist designs unique creations of jewelry
that adapt to individual desires of taste without abandoning Varon’s individual sense for aesthetics.

A real piece jewely takes time and patience. Just like it takes craftsmanship and subtlety.
It’s looks great, yes, but let’s not forget it came here for the sake of meaning, and just its meaning.

Capsule Emerald Ring


This was a special commission set of rings, the couple are close friends our brand, they are from Colombia, country with the largest amount of Emeralds in the world.

This inspired the chosen stone and the aesthetic of the pieces.


said yes!!

was a source
of inspiration.

Emerald is a precious gemstone
and a variety of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6)
colored green by trace amounts of chromium
and sometimes vanadium.

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