Turi Ring - Eye of Tiger
Turi Ring - Eye of Tiger
Turi Ring - Eye of Tiger

Turi Ring - Eye of Tiger

I´ve always been obssesed with the art deco movement. For me this ring its a portal to that period of time, but at the same time it feels navajo and egiptian to me.

I am interested in time, the perseption of time and how it is relative to all, and depends on how u feel, how fast or slow time goes.

Same with this i think rocks are alive and moving just human cant percieve this. Rocks encapsulate time and earths history.

The combination of these two stones and the unique, oversized design makes for an eye-catching ring.

Like the earth, stones posses an indistinguishable and powerful energy making them an important element of VARON.

Weight: 19 Grams 

Height: 19 mm 783" 
Lenght: 23 mm 933" 
Width: 22 mm 892" 

Black Onyx Stone & Eye of Tiger Stone
Sterling Silver
Mexican Handmade

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