Nudo S Necklace

$ 3,500.00 MXN

The Nudo S Necklace is the perfect partner of our Nudo Bracelet, combining materials like silver, amber, and crystal quartz. Its closure features a knot mechanism, ensuring both adjustability and comfort.

Made with 100% sterling silver, — thread, amber and volcanic glass quartz.
Closure made with sliding knots.
Crafted by hand in Mexico City.

Crystal quartz, which name crystal comes from the Greek for “ice”, as it was believed that it was eternally frozen.

Amber, the “gold of the North”, has been used from prehistoric times for jewelry, religious objects and also as a cure of various illnesses. VARON makes it part of this collection that embraces the past to shape the future.

This piece is part of the RWND Collection.

RWND embodies the idea that revisiting history can be a source of fresh inspiration. VARON’s collection seamlessly blends antique jewelry elements like spirals, circles, carved stones, and symbolic starts with retro-future shapes, creating pieces that transcend time.

Polyester cord
.925 Sterling Silver
Amber and Clear Quartz

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