De Palma - Onyx
De Palma - Onyx
De Palma - Onyx
De Palma - Onyx
De Palma - Onyx

De Palma - Onyx

De Palma is a classic! A redesign on the infamous signet ring that once used to be a symbol of family heritage, now Varon re-introduce it with a contemporary flare. Its full frontal black square makes an instantly strong impression.

De Palma has multidimensional feeling, surrounded by four clean hand carved onyx rectangles, synthesizing the ethos of Varon: craftsmanship and power. De Palma is processed by 8 different artisans and it takes 32 hours in the making.

Buildling on the classic design of a signet, the De Palma Ring uses 5 clean-carved onyx rectangles that are flawlessly set within sterling silver.

Processed by 8 different artisans and taking 32 hours to create, this ring is a beautiful example of fine Mexican craftsmanship.

Like the earth, stones posses an indistinguishable and powerful energy making them an important element of VARON.

Weight: 9 Grams

Height: 11mm
Lenght: 23mm
Width: 22mm 

0.925 Sterling Silver
Black Onyx Stones
Mexican Handmade

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