The Mexico City-based  jewelry brand Varon wishes to return the purpose of body adornment to its traditional meaning — where once again an object’s very proximity makes us live the moments that are meant to be relived.
And not just temporarily remembered.

Contemporary yet classic designs are brought
into existence, a story written inside them.

The creations of Varon remind again to what it means to desire, and what it means to share one’s energy. The sense of belonging, no matter where or how we end.

Throughout the creational process, the artist   behind Varon combines his skill for craftsmanship with his innate fascination for the history of stones and metals.


Born in Mexico City, Aaron Changpo grew up in Cuernavaca, Morelos. After finishing his studies in visual communication, Aaron slowly began to tap into the world of stones and metals, eventuating accidentally (or not, following his grandfather’s footsteps ) in his profession as a jeweler and designer.
He is based in Mexico City.